blog 23rd aug 2018

Look for these 4 things while choosing a senior living home to enjoy life post-retirement.

More often than not, people confuse senior living homes or townships with old age homes. While actually, a senior living township offers senior citizens complete independence and confidence to live life on their own terms. With features like safety and emergency health services taken care of, an ideal senior living township would solve most of the problems associated with old age.

Are you looking for a senior living township yourself? Or are you looking for one for your parents?

In either case, here are the 4 things you should keep in mind while choosing an ideal senior living residence.

   1) Comfort

After a certain age, one needs a place providing assisted living or one that is near a medical facility. One should look for a place with a wide range of services that will make life safer, healthier and more convenient.

   2) Community – an integral part of senior living.

We live in an era where most people prefer to live as a nuclear family. Statistics say that about 70% of Indian households are nuclear and almost 9% of Indians are 60+ seniors. Most amongst these seniors are either living alone or have shifted to old age home for special care.

But we actually miss out their primary needs –

  • They need someone to manage household tasks.
  • They need a helping hand with the daily chores like cooking, cleaning and bathing.
  • They have social and emotional needs (connecting with friends and family)
  • They need easy access to public transportation

While looking for a retirement township make sure that you do not miss out on these points. Everyone needs a place where they feel that they’re accepted. A place where they feel that they belong. A place that has a sense of their need. A place that provides a convenient living. And the one that’s focused on senior living community.

     3) Senior Living Township – a better investment.

We Indians are known for our planning. We plan way in advance about a birthday or buying clothes for children or securing the future. Then why do we not plan way in advance before buying a senior living home? Ideally, if you find such a place, you should invest immediately. It will be an asset to you. Property appreciation can make a good value for your investment. For retirement, your financial planning starts in the mid-30s. This will stabilize you financially.  It is advisable to invest now so as to have a comfortable retirement life.

     4) Catering to the needs of senior living.

A senior living township should provide round-the-clock access to nursing care. Retirement is the time where you want to be surrounded amidst friends and families. Hence, you should opt for a place that has various activities and celebration of different festivals. A place that has a fully equipped care centre. A commendable security and 24*7 housekeeping services.

Prarambh, a senior living township, values your independence and need for assisted living. It has 40+ amenities. Few of them are anti-skid tiles, grab rails, wall mounted night lamps and emergency response system.

Prarambh has 24×7 security surveillance system. It also has emergency care, and ambulance and doctor-on-call services, available within the premises.

It’s a township that provides in-house services and maintenance package for you like –

  • Snacks and meals
  • Medical needs
  • Fitness, wellness, social and cultural needs
  • Housekeeping, laundry, grooming and daily chores
  • Transportation needs
  • Electricity & Plumbing
  • Premises cleaning and maintenance

So whether you are looking for independent living or assisted living, comfortable life or secured life, peaceful environment or a life full of celebration,  Prarambh township is your ultimate solution for senior living.

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