17th sep 2018

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond imperfections.”

Quietly it comes and slowly it becomes a part of your life. It makes you feel that you do not belong anywhere and it will make you feel alone even when you are alone. Loneliness can be harsh. But giving up on not finding happiness in anything is much worse. Life may give you thousand reasons to quit or be unhappy but we have got to find that one reason to be happy. And there are a lot of things to be happy about. For starters take the strings of your life in your own hand and welcome positive influence in your life. Work towards living a fulfilled life and invest your time more in yourself & your loved ones.

Happiness is a state of joy and contentment. An emotion that only you can achieve. As per the 2018 Happiness Index Report, India ranks 133 out of 156 countries with a score of 4.190 and 0.747 social support. As you age you are likely to develop many risk factors that will lead you to loneliness and depression. But when you have the control over your life you can choose happiness by actively seeking it. Here are a few ways to eradicate loneliness and kick in the ball of happiness and joy.


  1. Strengthen the bond – While you were busy working day and night, while you were completing the work before the deadline and while you were running from one meeting to another, you may not be able to get time to message or call your relatives or your friends. But now that you are retired you have enough time to mend those gaps. Relationships are our source of support they help us develop a sense of love and belonging. Strengthening the bond of you relations ensure a solid emotional support to you and helps you survive almost anything.


  1. Stay Fit & Be Healthy – While meeting the deadline we surely didn’t give much attention to our eating habits and we always ate junk foods. But the effect of eating junk food is seen during old age. So better when you retire don’t leave the adrenaline rush you had while you were in your 20’s. Before you were running from home, chasing traffic & signals to office & meetings. Now you just have to run for yourself. Invest in yourself. Play a sport, exercise daily, do yoga, go swimming anything that makes you fit. Along with this, you need to eat healthy too. Find out about nutrients that are in fruits, vegetables and some healthy items which are best for you.


  1. A Good Night Sleep – Let’s be baby again! Admit it we all love sleeping. Whether we are a baby, young or adult, sleep was something that we would love to have and love to cherish. Sleep is an important factor that decides our happiness level. Make sure you get enough sleep at night and a power nap in the afternoon. If you find difficulty in sleeping go to a doctor or a specialist who will help you to get a peaceful sleep.
  2. Shower Kindness & Gratitude – Stop getting angry, stop cursing small voids and stop feeling bad for yourself. That is the only way you can bring sunshine into your life. Do something nice and helpful to others. Bring a smile to someone’s face and share a laugh with others. Showing kindness to others is one way we can feel contentment. Express your gratitude towards everyone and feel thankful for many things.


  1. Find A New Purpose In Life – We always try to find what the purpose of our life is. Taking retirement means being free from responsibility but that doesn’t mean that your purpose in the society has also ended. You need to feel purposeful in your life. You may feel like doing something for your community, helping a child, volunteering in some social activity, visiting a blind school or orphanage. Whatever gives you a sense of purpose try doing it and never lose it. You will feel greater contentment and happiness.



So if you are looking for a change in your life and want to bring a smile to your face again, Prarambh is here to help you. For further queries please feel free to visit us at our website www.prarambhlife.com or you can reach us @ +91 83060 44111.

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