Can happiness be related to age? Has age factor any way related to mental relaxation and enthusiasm? Should your blissfulness decrease with age? The answer to all these questions is a thunderous No.

SM153407 (1)While we do have the tendency of fretting over our age, getting depressed over our life full of inactivity and fussing over small issues related to age, in true happiness has no connection with our getting old. Actually, we create a mindset for ourselves by restricting our minds and thoughts to follow a certain pattern. We think that at certain age mostly after 50+, our society wants us to follow a certain norm, like our dressing sense, our eating habits, our hobbies and even our relationships. Obviously to fit inside the mold of the society we alter ourselves to a great extent thereby cutting down on our happiness quotient. We are expected to dress soberly, choose a simple lifestyle, avoid a certain type of food and mostly behave in a certain way that exudes more gravity and seriousness.

But the blockage is all in our minds. Although there is no denying the fact that with age there can be certain physical health issues, like joint pain, diabetes, B.P. etc. still remaining fit and mentally relaxed lies in our own hands. It is important that we follow a healthy lifestyle, practicing Yoga and meditation and keep our minds healthy. We should always look forward to learn new things, like a new technology or a new language or something exciting irrespective of the age as it keeps us enthusiastic and cheerful. shutterstock_277957691Making like-minded friends who can share your thoughts, happiness and hobbies is the ultimate path to a blissful life. Keeping the child inside you alive by following your hobbies and showcasing your talent, participating in games and living an activity-filled life is a big step towards happiness. Eveready to interact with children and youth, overwhelming them with your experience and knowledge will keep you young forever and help you keep pace with next generation.

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