The time is here! The wait is over! You have passed the hard part of working hard, taking care of your family and saving for this day. You retired. So you have put an end to your hectic days. You are finally done with your monotonous lifestyle and 9-6 jobs. You can now sit back and relax the rest of your life with your spouse and family and live the way you want with no limitations or rules. It all seems easier said than done than until you actually realize that the retirement time is here. The beginning of retirement marks yet another start to a new time in your life. It is similar to the beginning of living off your life soon after your college but the only difference being you are backed by your financial savings.

So how do you begin a new journey of your life by living off on what you have accumulated till now? What if retirement turns out to be easy and there is nothing to worry of?

In this article we will talk about 5 things that you can take up after retirement to experience a fuller, happier and a smoother lifestyle:

  1. Get another job

The best time to add on the savings you did for the retirement is soon after leave the workforce. Your skills and abilities are fresh and current, your connections and network are still up-to-date and hence diving into another job will work out wonders for you. The best time to bring in the extra cash is right now, not later. You might not get immediate results but you will be satisfied once you get the right job for yourself.

  1. Accept your new lifestyle

As they say acceptance is the key to the ultimate peace, don’t keep on regretting the fact that you didn’t save enough for the retirement time. Maybe you realised late on the idea of saving, maybe recession acted like a huge hurdle on your financial course. You can always rethink your lifestyle. Thinking about restaurant meals? Consider potlucks with your friends. Want to travel places around with minimal expenses? Stay with your friends and family. Have two cars or an unused two wheeler? Try giving up one and consider public transport.

  1. Start a business

At this point in your life, starting a business is limited by your interests, imaginations and finances. Nowadays, people need ready to go and easily available things in their day to day lives. You can always think of starting up a pickle business, homemade jams and marmalades or you can always have your own kitchen garden and sell organic herbs. You can always do something that interests you and try not investing too much into the business.

  1. Social Security and Medicare

These two are the things that you would have done much before leaving the job. Both social security and medicare are equally complex to understand. Hence, to figure out which security claiming strategy will yield you out the most money consult a good financial planner.

  1. Get a home

Buying a dream retirement home after all those years of planning and dreaming is one of the biggest yet one of the most difficult choicest you can make. You have already pre-planned about it but the only thing stopping you is selecting an ideal retirement home. You might want to go with the homes which are not too far away from your friends and family. Assuming you can drive forever, you still wouldn’t want to stay detached from them after all the saying goes true, “Away from the eyes, away from the mind.”

Why Prarambh?

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Prarambh also offers an array of health benefits like medical tie ups and discounted rates for medicines and treatments, mediclaim facility for any age, nurse and attendant facility and many such benefits that would always concern you as the old age arrives .

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