10th sep 2018


A new beginning in your life. The beginning of a retired life. A life with a lot of time. When you are retired you have all the time in this world, and you want to spend your time in a pleasant environment. Maybe under the sun on beautiful beaches of Goa or refilling some adrenaline rush on Rishikesh’s adventure ride or attending the magnificent puja on the Ganga Ghat or the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. Travelling is something that we all have wished for and have always saved money for it. But for some of the other reason, we either spend it on travelling or for some other occasions. But now you are retired and you have the money as well as the time to spend on the places that you always wanted. When you and your friends are retired then you can rejoice your life with them by exploring things that you always wished for and places that you have always dreamt of. So what you need is a proper planning and a little energy to live life again. Here are few tips for the travel bug in you.



Tip 1 – Places To Hop:

List down the places you want to visit according to your priority. Now let’s start with a proper search about where you are going. Things you should search are:

  • Places to visit
  • Best places to eat
  • What the place is famous for
  • Best and safe hotels/resorts/homestays to live
  • Rental cab/two-wheeler
  • Best time to visit
  • A famous food item to try
  • Where to shop and buy souvenirs


Tip 2 – Make A Proper Budget

After doing a proper research about the place and choosing where will you go and what will you do, next thing is calculating everything and make a proper budget. While preparing the budget, consider these as your expanse – tickets, hotels, food, cab/two-wheeler for travelling, shopping and a few more thousands for an emergency. Make an envelope labelling every expanse keep your money accordingly. This will help you keep track of your expanse and you won’t end up spending more.


Tip 3 – Make The Most Of Being A Senior Citizen

Being a senior citizen comes with a lot of benefits and when you are ready to travel the world explore more about senior citizen discounts. Whether you are travelling by train or flight and staying at a hotel ask the concerned person about the senior citizen discount. For train, the government has given concession in their ticket and many airlines company have adopted the same. The discounts are applicable not only in India but also in several foreign countries. Try to find about it and make the most of it.

Tip 4 – When Nothing Works Opt For A Travel Agent

This helps when you don’t have any clue of where to go? What to ask? What is the best? And if the internet is giving too much of information to you. Go to a reliable, experienced and trustworthy travel agent who makes your travelling easy by facilitating your discounts, completing all formalities of passport/visa (in case of a foreign visit) & tickets, your accommodation and commuting. He will also provide a good travel guide and can assist you with proper information about the place and what to carry. This will make your travel plan easy.

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Tip 5 – Call Your Travel Buddy

Travelling alone is an adventure but travelling with your friend or a person with the same interest will make the journey memorable and beautiful. So call out to that one or many people for a fun, safe, enjoyable, laughter filled journey. And as they say the more the merrier.

Tip 6 – Pack Up!

No, not the one that people call after the shooting, here we are asking you to make a list again of things that you should pack for your journey. Don’t leave this thing on end moment. This always happens and we end up forgetting something or the other. So when your tickets, hotels and your bucket list of what you do is ready, start preparing what will you carry. Clothes, medicines, toiletries, shoes, slippers, etc. Forgetting a necessary item won’t spoil your mood.

Above are the few points which can help you keep that urge of travelling alive even after retirement. You can well find more exciting ways if you are adventurous enough and like driving yourself over long distances. Go explore and remain unstoppable!