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4 New Mantras Of Life That Everyone Wishes For A Happy Retired Life.


Have you thought how and where will you spend your retirement days? Is it travelling? With family and friends? Taking up a new hobby? Or in a peaceful environment? The moment we start earning and get used to the mundane city life a thought of spending our retirement life has always crossed our minds. Whether we will be living our retirement life full of enjoyment or leading a peaceful life. After spending 50+ years of life in the city’s busy & chaotic life, one does need a break. The funda to live a fruitful life is to relax, sit back and enjoy the journey of your retirement while someone else takes the wheel. Confused about what we are trying to say? Let me explain.


The second step is to be healthier. People say that when you have time and energy you don’t have money to spend, when you have money and energy you don’t have time to spend and when you have money and time, you don’t have the energy to spend. The third approach is pointing towards your retirement life. When you have all the time in the world and earned money but the energy is zero then what’s the use? Then when will you live? So it is important for you to stay healthy. Health is an important wealth. So the mantra to achieve a healthy life is to inhale fresh air of relaxation and positivity. There are various associations like Art of living and vipassana that focuses only on the correct way of breathing. Breathing remains an integral part of Yoga. Practising Yoga in everyday life is a great way to remain physically and mentally fit. It teaches one to maintain a perfect balance between mind and body. Several breathing exercises can cure several diseases. Learn yoga from a certified trainer and start practising it daily to see a positive change in your life.

shutterstock_250342657Now when you are in your 60’s how can you be more alive? Well, celebrate this life in your way. Go explore, take up hobbies, fulfil your unwanted desires, travel, try wearing new clothes, try different cuisines, enjoy the beaches or mountains and show it to the world and share your stories within your community and inspire others. But the best thing to do all these things is when you reside in a place that offers a fresh air, a place that resides in the heart of nature, a place that is truly meant for you. Prarambh Retirement Township is dedicated to senior citizens offering them all the comforts, care, celebration, community, and security required post-retirement.

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The township promotes a healthy lifestyle for the retired people by offering upscale amenities such as 1 & 2 BHK smart villas, 24×7 security, a health clinic with attendant and nurse facility, housekeeping facility, central mess facility, club-house, and many more facilities. The township is located in lush green surroundings with a serene pond inhabited by swans waddling freely. The beautiful landscape is an ideal setting for relaxing Yoga exercises in complete serenity. Breathe in fresh air available in abundance away from the hustle-bustle and heavy traffic and noise of the city and revitalize your body every moment. Interact with the like-minded community, participate in functions and celebrations and follow your hobbies worry free. This is the real meaning of retirement.

Visit to know how a fulfilled life can be achieved in a mesmerizing surrounding. Choose a comfortable life that speaks of calmness yet enthusiasm to blossom every day.

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